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DAB/AM/FM Antenna

DAB is short for digital audio broadcasting. It improves the quality of broadcasted sounds. The digitized signals are encoded, modulated and transmitted by DAB before being output. DAB antennas are applied in many devices, such as radio, telephone, audio, RFID (radio frequency identification devices), wireless headset and remote control.

Difference between DAB and AM/FM
1. Transmission content
DAB antenna can transmit signals of sounds, words, picture, videos, and so on. AM/FM antenna can only transmit sounds.
2. Application area
DAB is able to receive signals even when it moves fast. AM/FM is not suitable for mobile reception
3. Sound quality
Sound quality is assured. DAB antenna can receive signals without being disturbed by multi-path transmission. If AM/FM antenna is in high speed moving condition when working, signals received will be disturbed and thus produce unwanted noise.

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