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The marine antenna is specially designed for use in a salty environment. It is resistant to ship vibrations and extreme wind loads. It adopts technologies of GPS, GIS, mobile communication and computer processing. Our marine GPS antenna JCA005 is well suitable for marine application. JCA005 is the integration of a high performance GPS patch antenna and a low noise amplifier into a very low-profile, extremely compact and fully waterproof antenna-signal enclosure.

1. You will get high quality marine antennas at a fair price.
2. We can build antennas according to your custom specifications, providing you with antennas for your specific requirements.
3. Antennas manufactured in our factory are with high gain.
4. Our antennas are durable enough to withstand treacherous marine weather and conditions.
5. An excellent warranty is offered. We promise return within one year if there is quality problem of our marine GPS antennas.

Jinchang Company is a leading manufacturer of high frequency antennas in mainland China. Main products cover GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS/GSM/WiFi antennas, 4G/3G/2.4G antennas, DVB/DAB antennas, combination antennas, connectors and interface cables. Our antennas can be classified according to application into vehicle tracking antenna, marine antenna, antenna for excavator, and so on.

  • GSM Antenna (GPRS Antenna)GSM antennas (GPRS antennas) are omni-directional cellular antennas. It is used to receive signals of various frequencies including GSM/CDMA/PCS/DCS/UMTS/WCDMA. Nowadays global system of mobile communication (GSM) is a widely used mobile phone standard. There are more than 1...