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Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle trackers realize tracking by use of GPS system. GPS tracker for vehicle monitor system is applied to strengthen operation management of vehicles. It adopts GPS, GIS, mobile communication and computer processing technologies and achieves monitoring with help of management center and vehicle terminal.

Applications of Vehicle Tracker
1. Emergency alarm
2. Over speed alarm
3. Geo-fence alarm
4. Device main power cut alarm
5. Fatigue driving alarm
6. Custom sensor alarm
7. SOS alarm

Vehicle tracker can be set to record and report location information constantly when the device moves. This GPS tracker has been designed for vehicular applications that require antenna with outstanding mechanical and electrical performance. The antenna provides reliable gain performance and offers a wide azimuth plane beam pattern. Antenna receives specialized signals from satellites in orbit which is high above earth. The GPS device is then able to determine its position relative to the satellites.

Jinchang Company is specialized in high-frequency antenna manufacturing. Main products include GPS antennas, GSM antennas, WIFI antennas, GPS/GSM combo antennas, GPS/GSM/FM combo antennas, GPS/GSM/WIFI combo antennas, various connectors and cables, etc. Vehicle tracking antennas are widely applied in vehicle trackers.

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