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Personal Tracker

Applying GPS module and mobile communication module internally, GPS personal tracker can transmit location information from GPS module to internet server through mobile communication module, which realizes positioning on computer. This kind of tracker supports a wide variety of reports including emergency, geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery or scheduled GPS position. With tracking antenna in it, GPS locator for people can achieve fast and precise tracking in commercial or private application.

1. Personal tracker are typically small in size, allowing them to be placed easily in a backpack or purse, which makes them suitable for covert tracking.
2. A personal GPS tracker allows you to check locations of your supervisory objects, like family members or employees.
3. Real-time GPS locator for people is perfect for individuals entering dangerous areas, with features like panic alerts and 2-way audio communication.

Jinchang Company is a professional manufacturer of GPS antenna. We produce various kinds of antennas cable assemblies and connectors, which are widely used in tracking industry. Besides being used in personal tracker, our tracking antennas are widely applied in car, marine, exploration equipment, vending machine, logistic network, bus, monitor and excavator.

  • Log-Periodic AntennaLog periodic antenna is a type of directional panel antennas, which is commonly applied to signal coverage indoors or in elevator. It operates on a wide frequency band, such as CDMA800/GSM900/3G/WLAN/800 MHz to 960 MHz/1710 MHz to 2500 MHz...