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Log-Periodic Antenna

Log-Periodic Antenna

Log periodic antenna is a type of directional panel antennas, which is commonly applied to signal coverage indoors or in elevator. It operates on a wide frequency band, such as CDMA800/GSM900/3G/WLAN/800 MHz to 960 MHz/1710 MHz to 2500 MHz.
This directional antenna is composed of an ABS enclosure, bracket, cable and connector.

1. Durable and corrosion resistant.
2. Provide with mount kits.
3. Compact aluminum structure assures small dimension, light weight and high strength of log periodic antenna.
4. This directional antenna adopts linear polarization, which is easy to adjust polarization on any planes.
5. Broad band.
6. Lightning protection: DC grounded.
7. Anti ultraviolet ABS radome.
8. High gain.

Parameters of Log Periodic Antenna

Frequency range (MHz) 806 to 960/1710 to 2500
Bandwidth (MHz) 154/790
Gain (dBi) 9/10/11
Beam Width (°) H : 65/50  V : 55/40
VSWR ≤ 1.5
Input Impedance (Ω) 50
Polarization Vertical
Max power (W) 50
Lightning Protection DC Ground
Connector Model N Female
Size (mm) 445 × 210 × 65
Antenna Weight (kg) 0.91
Working Temperature (℃) Below 40 to 60
Rated Wind Velocity (m/s) 60
Radome Color White
Mounting Way Hold in the Pole

Service and Package
1. We guarantee replacement within 12 months if there are any quality problems for our log periodic antennas.
2. Lifetime maintenance is provided for this directional antenna.
3. Each item is packaged with a plastic bag and a carton.

Jinchang Company is specialized in high-frequency antenna manufacturing. We’ve been engaged in development of log periodic antennas for 28 years. Main products include GPS antennas, GSM antennas, WIFI antennas, GPS/GSM combo antennas, GPS/GSM/FM combo antennas, GPS/GSM/WIFI combo antennas, 3G antenna products, 2.4G antenna products, DAB-DVB antennas and various RF connectors and interface cables.

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