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Car Antenna

Car Antenna

Car antennas refer to antennas that are installed in cars. The auto antenna is used to receive GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS signals. By signal transmission and amplification, it achieves many functions, such as navigation, positioning, monitoring, radio, and so on. A car antenna consists of ceramic patch antenna, LNA, cable, connector and housing. Since some vehicle antennas have housing looking like shark fin, they can also be called shark fin antennas.

1. Car antennas manufactured by Jinchang Electron have passed certification of TS16949 and ISO.
2. Our auto antennas have strong ability to receive signals. They can receive waves of wide frequency range.
3. Water proof grade of vehicle antennas is IP67, which means car antennas are strongly resistant to water.
4. Our products are with corrosion resistance. They have passed 48-hour salt spray test.
5. Auto antenna is with screw in aerial base, which makes it is easy to mount.


Item Specifications
GPS Antenna Dielectric Antenna Center Frequency 1575.42 ± 1 (MHz)
Band Width CF ± 5 MHz
Polarization RHCP
Gain 5 dBic(Zenith)
V.S.W.R < 1.5
Impedance 50 Ω
Axial Ratio 3 dB (Max)
LNA Gain 28 ± 2 (dB)
Noise Figure < 1.5
Ex-band Attenuation 12 dB at CF + 50 MHz / 16 dB at CF - 50 MHz
V.S.W.R < 2.0
Supply Voltage 2.2 V to 5 V DC
Current Consumption 5 mA to 15 mA
GSM Antenna Frequency Range 824 to 960 / 1710 to 2170 (MHz)
V.S.W.R < 2.5
Polarization Linear
Gain 2 dBi
Impedance 50 Ω
FM/AM Antenna Frequency Range 520 to 1629 (KHz) / 76 to 108 (MHz)
V.S.W.R < 2.5
Polarization Linear
Gain 20 / 12 dBi
Impedance 50 Ω
Supply Voltage 12 V DC
Environmental Operating Temperature below 40℃ to 85℃
Relative Humidity up to 95%
Ingress Protection IP67 (Excluding Cable Outlet)
Vibration 10 Hz to 55 Hz with 1.5mm Amplitude 2 Hours
Environmentally Friendly ROHS Compliant

If there are any quality problems within one year, we promise return. Lifelong maintenance is provided for our car antennas.

Jinchang Company is a leading manufacturer of HF antennas in mainland China. Main products cover various antennas (GPS, GSM, WIFI, GPS/GSM combo, GPS/GSM/AM combo, GPS/GSM/WIFI combo), connectors and cable assemblies. Car antenna is a kind of high frequency antennas which is widely applied in vehicles.

  • GPS AntennaGPS antennas are mainly used to receive and transmit GPS signals. They are widely used in navigating and positioning equipment, vehicles and handsets. We can offer various antennas and attachments, such as active antennas, passive antennas, cables, connectors, and so on...