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JCA225 GPS Active Antenna GPS Active Antenna

JCA225 GPS Active Antenna GPS active antenna is a high gain GPS L1 antenna with a conical radome. 35*35*6 ceramic patches make a wider bandwidth and high gain. This external active antenna features a better signal receiving ability.

1. LNA Noise Figure: <3.3.dB
2. Axial ratio: <4dB at Zenith
3. High LNA gain: typically 42 dB
4. Low current: typically 20mA
5. ESD circuit protection: 15KV
6. Wide input voltage range: +2.7 to 10 VDC

1. Unparalleled out-of-band signal rejection
2. Ideal for high RF noise environment
3. Great multipath rejection
4. Increased system accuracy
5. Great signal to noise ratio (SNR)
6. IP67 weatherproof level
7. RoHS compliance

Tags: Choke Ring Geodetic Antenna, GNSS Survey Smart Antenna, Magnetic Mount GPS Antenna, GPS Passive Antenna

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