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Directional Antenna

A directional antenna or beam antenna is an antenna which radiates greater power to receive or launch electromagnetic wave in one or more directions, while radiate little or even no power in other directions. It is composed of main antenna part, cable and connector.

1. High directivity and precise targeting
2. Stainless steel materials and solid structure
3. All of our directional antennas have gone through five test sessions on production line and the first pass yield reaches up to 99%.
4. This HF antenna increases performance on transmission and reception by reducing interference from unwanted directions.
5. Excellent waterproof capabilities and strong anti-interference ability.
6. Our beam antenna can keep working with high reliability in bad environment.
7. Directional antennas have a good ability against wind, humidity and salt spray corrosion.


Gain 8/12/15/16/18 dBi
Frequency Range 806 to 960/433/1710 to 1880/2400 (MHz)
SWR ≤ 1.4
Import Impedance 50Ω/N Connector
Horizontal Beam Width 360°
Vertical Beam Width 55°
Polarization V/H
Ambient Temperature Below 40°C to 60°C

Maintenance and Package
1. We guarantee replacement within one year if there are any quality problems about our beam antennas and lifetime maintenance is offered.
2. Each directional antenna is wrapped with plastic bag and put in a carton.

Jinchang Company is a professional supplier and manufacturer of HF antennas with 28 years’ experience. Main products include GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS/GSM/CDMA/WIFI/DAB-DVB/GPRS antennas, various combo antennas, connectors and interface cables. Our antennas can be classified into omni antenna and directional antenna according to their directivity.

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