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  • GPS AntennaGPS antennas are mainly used to receive and transmit GPS signals. They are widely used in navigating and positioning...
  • GLONASS AntennaGLONASS antenna is used to receive and transmit GPS and GLONASS signals in navigating and positioning equipment. It is...
  • COMPASS AntennaA whole set of COMPASS antenna consists of a ceramic patch antenna, LNA, cable, connector and housing. This antenna is...
  • GPS Internal AntennaA complete set of GPS internal antenna contains a ceramic patch, LNA, interface cable and connector. They are broadly...
  • GPS External AntennaThe GPS external antenna receives and transmits signals to device or sends signals radiated by device to free space via...
  • Active AntennaOur active antennas are widely used in devices with navigation and positioning functions, such as vehicles and handsets...
  • Passive AntennaPassive GPS antennas are mainly applied to receive and transmit signals, so they are broadly installed in positioning and...
  • Indoor AntennaAn indoor antenna is a type of radio antennas placed indoors, such as TV, GSM and WIFI, and so on. Indoor wireless antennas are...
  • Outdoor AntennaOutdoor antenna is installed to receive and transmit signals outside the house, so we can also call it open or exterior antenna...
  • Dielectric AntennaA dielectric antenna is composed of ceramic patch and pin. It is a high performance antenna designed for embedded applications...
  • Car AntennaCar antennas refer to antennas that are installed in cars. The auto antenna is used to receive GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS...


Jinchang is a professional GPS, GLONASS and COMPASS antennas supplier, who is engaged in antennas’ R&D, designing and manufacturing. Our products are mainly applied in navigating and positioning equipment, vehicles and handsets to receive and transmit signals. We can offer various antennas and attachments, such as active antennas, passive antennas, cables, connectors, and so on.
A whole set of GPS antenna includes ceramic patch, LNA (low noise amplifier), cable, connector and housing (covering).

1. GPS antenna. Jinchang has researched and developed various kinds of GPS antennas by ourselves. We can also provide proper LNA solutions for customers’ different antennas.
2. GLONASS antenna. There are many types of GLONASS antennas for your choice, like GLONASS antenna and GPS/GLONASS combo antenna. The feature of this kind antenna is wide broadband, which helps receive signals.
3. COMPASS antenna. This kind of antenna is developed specially for COMPASS system. It covers COMPASS antenna and GPS/COMPASS combo antenna.
4. GPS internal antenna. We are able to offer various sizes of this antenna, from 10 cm × 10 cm to 37 cm × 37 cm.
5. GPS external antenna. Different shapes and installation methods are provided.
6. Active antenna. Our GPS active antennas feature good axial ratio, standing wave, high gain and low loss.
7. Passive antenna.
8. Indoor antenna.
9. Outdoor antenna. This kind of antenna has advantages of high gain, long transmission distance and large radiation range.
10. Dielectric antenna.
11. Car antenna. It is used to receive GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS signals and achieve positioning, navigation, monitoring, radioing and other functions by signal transmission and enlargement.

1. Each product has passed five test sessions and FAQ sampling inspection. The first pass yield is 99%.
2. Our GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS antennas feature high gain, low loss and strong capability of receiving signals.
3. We have 28 years’ experience and more than 30 engineers on antenna development, which guarantee that our products have been leading antenna industry.
4. Protection grade is IP67 (ingress protection rating 67), which means our antennas are water proof.
5. The GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS antenna is resistant to corrosion. It has passed 48 hours’ salt spray test.

Package and Warranty
1. The antenna is wrapped with plastic bag and put in a small white box which is packed in a carton (49.35 cm × 22.5 cm × 27cm).
2. Your inquiry or questions about our products will be replied in eight hours.
3. If there are any quality problems of our HF antenna within a year after purchasing, you can get replacement or refund.
4. Our GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS antenna can be maintained for a lifelong time.

Jinchang has 28 years’ experience in various antennas manufacturing. Jinchang is a professional provider of antenna products and solution in China. Main products cover GPS antenna, GLONASS antenna, COMPASS antenna, GSM antenna, WIFI antenna, GPS/GSM combination antenna, GPS/GSM/FM combo antenna, GPS/GSM/WIFI combo antenna, 3G antenna, 2.4G antenna, DAB-DVB antenna and various connectors and cable.