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GPS/GLONASS antenna is a dual-band antenna which can receive signals of two frequencies (GPS and GLONASS). It is widely applied in devices with navigation or positioning functions, such as handsets and vehicles. A complete set of GPS/GLONASS combo antenna is constituted by ceramic patch antenna, LNA, cable, connector and housing. Length of cable as well as connector can be selected according to your requirement.

1. All products have been tested before put on market. They must pass five test sessions and FAQ sampling inspection. The first pass yield is 99%.
2. Our GPS/GLONASS combo antennas feature high gain, low loss and strong capability to receive signals.
3. We have 28 years’ antenna manufacturing experience, which assures that our products are in leading edge both in China and abroad.
4. We have developed and launched various GPS/GLONASS compatible solutions. This GPS/GLONASS combo antenna is as thin as GPS antenna, but it can receive and transmit two signals (GPS and GLONASS) at the same time.
5. GPS/GLONASS antenna is resistant to water and corrosion.


Item Specifications
Antenna Center Frequency 1575.42 ± 1 (MHz)
Band Width CF ± 5 (MHz)
Polarization RHCP
Gain 5 dBic (Zenith)
V.S.W.R < 1.5
Impedance 50Ω
Axial Ratio 3 dB (Max.)
Dimension 25 × 25 × 4 (mm)
LNA Gain 28 ± 2 (dB)
Noise Figure < 1.5
Filter Insertion Loss < 3 dB
Ex-band Attenuation 12 dB at CF + 50 MHz/16 dB at CF - 50 MHz
Supply Voltage 2.2 V to 5 V DC
Current Consumption 5 mA to 15 mA
Cable RG174
Connector SMA/MCX/FAKRA or others
Housing ABS

1. There are three mounting methods for our GPS/GLONASS combo antennas: adsorbing with magnet, pasting with adhesive and fastening with screw. You can choose proper antenna according to installing location.
2. It can also be customized as your requirements on special features of antenna, such as water proof, salt fog prevention, UV resistance, and so on.
3. The signal receiver on antenna must not be covered by metal plate when working.

Package and Warranty
1. The antenna is wrapped with plastic bag and put in a small white box which is packed in a carton (49.35 cm × 22.5 cm × 27 cm).
2. If there are any quality problems of our GPS/GLONASS combo antennas within a year, you can get replacement or refund. Besides, lifetime maintenance is offered.

Jinchang Company is a professional combo antennas manufacturer in China who has 28 years development experience in antennas industry. Our products cover GPS antennas, GLONASS antennas, COMPASS antennas, GSM antennas, WIFI antennas, GPS/GSM combo antennas, GPS/GLONASS combo antennas, interface cables and connectors.

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