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A whole set of COMPASS antenna consists of a ceramic patch antenna, LNA, cable, connector and housing. This antenna is mainly used to receive and transmit GPS and COMPASS signals. They are widely used in devices with navigation and positioning functions, like vehicles and handsets.

1. All our COMPASS antennas have been strictly tested on production line and the first pass yield is 99%.
2. High gain, low loss and strong ability to receive signals are our antennas’ features.
3. 28 years’ manufacturing experience in HF antennas assures our leading position in antennas industry.
4. Our products are resistant to corrosion. They all have passed 48-hour salt fog test.
5. COMPASS antennas are water proof. The water-proof degree is IP67.


Item Specifications
Antenna Center Frequency 1568 ± 1 MHz
Band Width CF ± 8 MHz
Polarization RHCP
Gain 5 dBic (Zenith)
V.S.W.R < 1.5
Impedance 50Ω
Axial Ratio 3 dB (Max)
Dimension 25 mm × 25 mm × 4mm
LNA Gain 28 ± 2 dB
Noise Figure < 1.5
Filter Insertion Loss < 3 dB
Ex-band Attenuation 12 dB at CF + 50 MHz / 16 dB at CF - 50 MHz
Supply Voltage 2.2 V to 5 V DC
Current Consumption 5 mA to 15 mA
Cable RG174
Connector SMA / MCX / FAKRA or others
Housing ABS

1. This type of GPS antenna must not be covered by metal plate in direction of receiving signals.
2. You can select COMPASS antennas that can be mounted with magnet, adhesive or screw according to situation of the installing locations.
3. Jinchang Company guarantees replacement or refund within a year if any quality problems are found. In addition, our products can enjoy lifetime maintenance.

Description of COMPASS
Our COMPASS antennas are developed specially for Chinese COMPASS system. BeiDou (COMPASS) navigation satellite system is a global satellite positioning and communication system developed by China. It is the third mature satellite navigation system besides American GPS and Russian GLONASS. COMPASS system can provide positioning, navigation and timing service of high precision and reliability. In addition, it has short message communication ability. COMPASS navigation system is approved as supplier of satellite navigation system by UN satellite navigation committee.

Three layer packages: plastic bag as the innermost, small white box as the middle and carton (49.35 cm × 22.5 cm × 27 cm) as the outer.

Jinchang Company is a leading manufacturer of HF antennas in mainland China. Main products cover GPS antenna, GSM antenna, WIFI antenna, GPS/GSM combo antenna, GPS/GSM/AM combo antenna, GPS/GSM/WIFI combo antenna, connector and cable assembly. COMPASS antennas are widely applied in phone, car, marine, exploration equipment, GPS navigation, vending machine, logistic network, bus, monitor and excavator.

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